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How to Jump Start your Self Esteem

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

As a therapist, I've found that the majority of clients who walk in my office share they're struggling to feel like they are reaching their full potential in life.  Understandably, this personal belief turns into feeling as if there is a lack of control and leads to hopelessness and sadness.  I'd like to share a few perspectives on how to change your mind set to open your mind and soul to unleash hidden strengths and talents.

Focus on being YOUR best

While there are several ideals out there about how we should be functioning as far as what you have, what you do for a living, how much you have in the bank, do not compare yourself to others.  Rather compare yourself to how you were in the past and take into account where you started, what you've accomplished, what has made you feel success in life.  When reflecting about what you would like to have in the future let that be what fuels you to make changes and pay attention to what thoughts make you feel energized.  Narrow down what personal strengths you possess and how you may grow in those areas and do not spend time on tasks or activities you find draining.

Eliminate the background noise

Nowadays, there's high pressure on us to perform and reach a certain lifestyle by a certain age.  Much of our society places one's success and happiness on wealth and possessions rather than being grateful for what you have and enjoying experiences that offer us learning.  So much of our social life is through technology rather than face to face or without distractions.  Make time to spend time with family, friends or even meeting others in a social venue.  Challenge yourself to be without social media for a few days and replace that time with connecting with others.

Physical health feeds your mental well-being

Develop some discipline in caring for your body by getting plenty of rest and energy with healthy foods.  Ensure you get at minimum 7 hours of sleep a night given that's sufficient time to allow your brain and the rest of your organs to repair from the day's activities.  Practicing proper sleep hygiene results in a higher capacity to use critical thinking, memory, learning, creativity, and regulating mood.  Make sure to give your body proper calories in order to take on the day as well as exercise.  You can increase your ability to focus in general by being more present through stimulating your senses.  Do something pleasant like smelling a fragrance you are fond of or listen to music which uplifts you.

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